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We are equipped to accurately pin-point any water matter the pipe size, depth or distance! We value and appreciate all opportunites to provide services to you and your customers.
Water Leak Detection:
  • Stark Leak Detection is not a plumbing or licensed plumbing repair service. Our focus is to provide specialized services and expertise to assist your business by working to minimize costs to "your" customers by accurately pin-pointing leak locations on underground water service lines & other difficult pipe leaks that may not be visible or obvious.
  • We provide services as an extension or complement to your business. You can always count on us for timely and professional service, whether contracted directly or referred to a customer in support of a project!
  • With Stark Leak Detection service referrals, we often provide services ahead of your projects and promise to call you immediately from the customers location (by cell phone if preferred) so you can quickly follow up with the best repair solution! We take great care to insure we immediately communicate and advise of our include valves that are found not working properly, service water pressure, house shut off valve recommendations if not found...or if the location presents potential difficulties for the home owner or busienss to access in an emergency.
  • Call us with any questions about choosing Stark Leak Detection as a support and complement to your business! We value & appreciate every opportunity to provide assistance!


How Infrared Detection Works:

Here we see an example of water intrusion from badly installed siding and flashing on the house's exterior, but seen from the inside of the house using thermal imaging. Water intrusion is not always easy to diagnose, especially because a home inspection is supposed to be non-invasive. Because water travels in so may ways (dripping, wicking, running, evaporation, condensation, etc) it is not easy to find the source. Water intrusion is a common problem, and the source cannot, usually, be found without thermal imaging and an experienced professional.


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